Dustin Van Fleet

Dustin’s a Dixie Belle Paint guru, who can help with your color, top coat and embellishment selections. Guiding you to create your ultimate design project dreams!!!

Meet Dustin Van Fleet

Dustin’s a Dixie Belle Paint guru, who can help with your color, top coat and embellishment selections. Guiding you to create your ultimate design project dreams!!!

Featured in House Beautiful Magazine

Meet Dustin Van Fleet

Dustin’s story begins in the fall of 2002 in Flint, Michigan… When in his twenties, while completing graduate school, he discovered a love and passion for restoring historic homes. After he completed his first historic home restoration (1890 Queen Anne Victorian) he finally realized what his life’s calling was, and it was not law school or politics like he had always thought. Design had entered his blood and his world, ambitions and everything he knew would be changed forever. After that first restoration, a flood of phone calls asking for his help started coming in daily, and thus Dustin Van Fleet Design was born.

Since those early days Dustin has taken his love of color and design to new levels, winning The Georgia Trust For Historic Preservations coveted Best Historic Rehabilitation Award, been deemed “The King Of Color” by House Beautiful Magazine, landed a coveted Valspar Paint TV commercial, been in multiple holiday decor design books while being featured in House Beautiful, Southern Living, Arabella, Real Simple and This Old House magazines.

Once the dust began to settle from the whirlwind first couple of years Dustin moved home to Tampa, Florida and created a new dream, a dream so large in scale, so colorful and so outrageous that only a flagship retail shop could possibly display his dream to the world, and so the FUNK Living store brand was born. Dustin’s flagship store would thrive for years and end up being in both Tampa, FL and Valdosta, GA.

Along the way…Dustin became acquainted with a little known upstart chalk mineral paint company called Dixie Belle. Dustin used Dixie Belle products way before anyone knew who Dixie Belle really was. He loved their paint and decided to contact Dixie Belle to carry their products, only to be told someone in Tampa and St Pete already carried Dixie Belle. So he regrouped and tried again to carry Dixie Belle in one of his shops in Tifton, Georgia only to be told just days beforehand someone had called in from Tifton to carry the Dixie Belle line. It looked like his love of Dixie Belle Paint Company products would never culminate in him actually selling the brand. Finally, on a wing and a prayer, Dustin called Dixie Belle again to see if the Valdosta, GA territory was open, and it WAS!!! All of the years worth of effort and the constant communication with Dixie Belle had paid off. Dustin started his Dixie Belle Paint Company collection in the fall of 2016 with 20 colors and wax. My how times have changed as he now carries the entire extensive Dixie Belle Paint Company line as a Premier retailer.

All good things must come to an end and having multiple retail locations in multiple states became taxing to say the least. Recently, in 2019 Dustin decided to end his retail dream and close FUNK Living. It’s was a bitter sweet moment as Dustin had put so much of himself into these retail locations. Feeling emotionally drained, battered and beaten down after years of successful retail locations he sat down with his family and made the final choice to end the retail chapter of his life to pursue his true passions once again design, color and paint!!! The ending of his retail chapter allowed Dustin the time to go back to his initial design, color and paint roots, a desicion he is thankful for making everyday.


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